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Ford Lease Turn-In at Evansville Ford

With Red Carpet Lease at Evansville Ford, you have the option of returning your vehicle at lease-end, leasing a new Ford, or purchasing your current lease. We also offer the opportunity to ​​end your leases early, trade-in your current lease early, and can help you learn more about selling your leased vehicle. If you decide to turn-in your lease, follow these simple steps and complete our Vehicle Return Checklist to help ensure a smooth and convenient vehicle return.

Ford Lease-End Options

Lease end options include turning in your leased car and leasing a new one, purchasing your vehicle for the amount agreed upon in your lease agreement, or simply returning your vehicle to a dealership. Lease turn-in steps include:

      1. Scheduling an inspection.
      2. Reviewing and making repairs.
      3. Making a return appointment.
      4. Complete a federal odometer/lease termination statement.
      5. Pay any lease liability fees/charges.
      6. Pay any additional charges.

Excess Wear and Use Assessment

Before you return your vehicle, its overall condition will be evaluated to determine if there is any Excess (or chargeable) Wear and Use. To help you assess the condition of your vehicle and excess mileage at any time during your lease, please refer to Wear and Use.

Your Lease Vehicle Inspection identifies Excess Wear and Use prior to the end of your lease. Identifying wear and use before your vehicle return gives you time to process claims for damage covered under your insurance policy or make any other needed repairs.

Lease FAQs

At the end of your lease, you have your choice of three different options:

  • Purchase or lease a new vehicle
  • Purchase your leased vehicle for the price stated in your Lease Agreement (plus any applicable taxes and/or fees)
  • Return your leased vehicle (after satisfying any lease-end obligations, such as mileage, wear and use charges and any applicable lease Disposition Fee)

Evansville Ford offers opportunities to trade-in your leased vehicle for a new lease without penalty. If you aren’t planning on leasing a new Ford or purchasing your current lease, you may incur penalties.

You can purchase your leased vehicle for the lease-end purchase price stated in your Lease Agreement (plus any applicable taxes and/or fees). For more information, visit Lease-End Purchase or contact Evansville Ford today.

    You may terminate your lease early by following the instructions contained in the "Voluntary Early Termination" section of your Lease Agreement located in Account Manager. If you require additional assistance, please contact us.

Log in to Account Manager and click on "My Lease Info" and/or view your original Lease Agreement to find the total allotted miles for your lease.

Any mileage that exceeds the amount allowed on your contract is assessed a charge at lease-end. If you choose to purchase your vehicle at lease-end, you will not be charged for any additional mileage.

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