Ford Oil Change in Evansville, WI

Learn more about the importance of routine oil changes from the experts at Evansville Ford. Our highly qualified technicians are here to provide exceptional service in a timely manner. From why it's important to change your oil and how often to check your oil level to how to choose the proper oil and different vital service intervals, we are your one-stop-shop for all your service questions and concerns. After reviewing everything you need to know about oil changes, make sure to browse our full Service Menu and all our latest Service and Parts Coupons for a great price on your next service.

Why Oil Changes are Important

Regularly scheduling oil changes every 7,500 miles will help to maintain your Ford's longevity and reliability. Not only that but doing so will also help you save money in the long run by reducing the risk of costly repairs due to non-lubricated engine parts. Proper engine and gear lubrication are essential to reduce the friction between all the moving parts under the hood that causes overheating. Cleaning your engine's oil can also help improve your Ford's fuel efficiency and make sure you are protecting your investment for the long haul.

How to Check Oil Levels

Don't wait, avoid costly repairs and unnecessary issues by checking your oil levels regularly to help maintain a reliable, safe, and efficient ride. Getting an accurate reading is easy, follow the simple steps below to ensure you get an accurate dipstick reading.

  • Ensure the oil is warm, at a normal operating temperature not hot or cold
  • Make sure your vehicle is on level ground
  • Review your Owner's Manual for the proper procedure to check your oil level
  • Remove dipstick found under the hood
  • Clean thoroughly and insert again to get an accurate reading

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

Why choose synthetic oil? Synthetic oil is made from base oil, powder additives, and a carrier oil that enforces an even distribution of the additives. Similar to regular oil, synthetic oil should be changed out every 7,500 miles, as well as your oil filter simultaneously every oil change. Synthetic oil technological advantages include:

  • Uniform molecular size means less friction
  • Refinement and engineering reduce deposits
  • Additives boost protection and can clean engines
  • Better function in cold and extreme weather
  • Cleaner oil with fewer impurities

Why Choose Evansville Ford

At Evansville Ford's Service Center, our highly qualified technicians are here to provide exceptional service in a timely manner. From oil changes to transmission replacements, we are dedicated to maintaining top-tier customer service, for both new and pre-owned car buyers!

Trust in our knowledge and expertise! With today's hi‐tech vehicles, even something seemingly as simple as an oil change requires up‐to‐date knowledge of a vehicle's engine and its specs. You get that at Evansville Ford. We have the right parts, tools, and techs to help ensure your service is done correctly the first time.

Oil Change FAQs

When the "Change Engine Oil Soon” message lights up or pops on your digital cluster, you should get your oil change as soon as possible.

Paying close attention to your vehicle's owner's manual and its scheduled maintenance intervals at the recommended mileage will help ensure that oil changes are done before any engine damage can occur. Ford recommends changing your oil every 7,500 miles or every six months, whichever comes first.

Fords don't require the use of synthetic oil but are recommended for the longevity and benefits it provides.

Browse your vehicle Owner’s Manual or visit Evansville Ford’s Service Center to ensure you get the proper oil for your Ford.

Ford prefers that customers use Motorcraft oil.

Yes, regular Ford oil changes will help maintain your vehicle’s lifespan and overall performance.

Yes, this will help your new oil last longer.

Depending on your driving habits, make, year, and model, checking your dash indicator and manual can help you get a better idea. Newer Ford models recommend changing your oil every 7,500 to 10,000 miles when using synthetic oil.

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