EV Charging Stations in Evansville, WI

Electric car charging station with Evansville Ford Electric Experts logo

EV Charging Stations

Our Wisconsin EV dealership is proud to serve as your premier destination for electric vehicle charging in Evansville. As a forward-thinking dealership committed to innovation and sustainability, we are excited to offer advanced EV charging solutions for our customers, as our Ford dealership in Evansville is equipped with the latest technology for your electric vehicle needs.

High-Efficiency Level 3 and Level 2 EV Charging

Our state-of-the-art charging stations feature three Level 3 fast chargers and three Level 2 chargers, ensuring that you can quickly and efficiently power your new Ford EV with ease. With our Level 3 chargers -- also known as DC Fast Chargers -- an empty battery can be filled in about 30 minutes, providing up to 1,200 miles of range per hour. Meanwhile, our Level 2 chargers offer a convenient fill-up in approximately 4 1/2 hours, perfect for those looking to charge their vehicle while exploring our dealership's offerings.

Join the BlueOval Charging Network

By choosing Evansville Ford for your charging needs, you gain access to the BlueOval Charging Network -- one of the largest public charging networks in the U.S. This network seamlessly integrates nearly 20 thousand charging stations nationwide, allowing you to find nearby charging locations with ease and continue your journey with minimal downtime.

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